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General info
Unius provides legal services in Kazakhstan representing local and international clients in a variety of legal matters in the areas of tax, corporate, contract, customs, investment, and labor law as well as in the fields of civil and criminal litigation.
Unius originated in 2000 as a boutique law firm concentrating on provision of tax consulting and tax litigation services.
The founding partners of the firm have participated in the creation and development of the country's tax system, through assistance and providing counsel to the Parliament members with drafting of tax legislation, organization of educational conferences, and by producing a great deal of publications on taxation, including commentary to the Kazakhstan Tax Code. Our attorneys are often called upon to present expert witness opinions in court and in the Parliament of Kazakhstan.
Offering a unique problem-solving approach in especially difficult and complicated tax matters, Unius has developed a reputation of being a leading expert in the field of taxation and tax litigation in Kazakhstan. Moreover, Unius has gained the trust of its local and international clients specifically including the Kazakhstan subdivisions of the Big Four accounting and audit firms.
As the number of clients requesting assistance beyond tax consulting had increased, Unius was encouraged to expand its area of expertise and began to offer its exemplary services in a growing variety of fields. While the tax consulting and tax litigation practice areas were allocated to a separate entity, Tax Expert LLP, Unius continues to serve its clients in a range of fields aside from tax law, including litigation, business law, banking and finance, securities, customs, contract, labor and employment, administrative, licensing, and antitrust law.
Individual approach and flexible fee structure that only a small size firm can offer, enables Uniusto quickly and efficiently provide its clients with custom-tailored and intelligent solutions to each of their specific legal problems.